Charlotte Photography: Blog en-us (C) Charlotte Photography (Charlotte Photography) Fri, 18 Nov 2016 04:18:00 GMT Fri, 18 Nov 2016 04:18:00 GMT Charlotte Photography: Blog 82 120 Hagan Wedding | October 2016 Last month I got to photograph the beautiful wedding of Alex and Madison. I'm going to keep this short and let the pictures do most of the talking since I'm sure they are excited to see their preview. But first let me tell you two things about this wedding: these people are FUN and IN LOVE! I know I mentioned it when I shared their engagement pictures on instagram, but these two are so in love with each other. And seeing them surrounded by all their friends and family who love them, too, was just too fun. Their reception was a blast and I legitimately didn't want to leave simply because I was having so much fun watching everyone else have fun! 

Hope the first month of marriage has treated you well! Enjoy your preview! :) 

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Heidi | Senior 2017 I'm excited to share another one of my October seniors on the blog today. Heidi and her entourage (photo below!) met up with me outside Smith's Market on a beautiful Saturday morning. Heidi has so much spunk and sass and I like to think her photos show that. She was constantly laughing at her sister and friend that came along which made for a really fun day of photos. Thanks for choosing me to take your pictures! I hope you enjoy your preview!

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Annie | Senior 2017 Last month I got to spend a Sunday afternoon taking sweet Annie's senior photos. As soon as she stepped out of the car with her bright red lipstick I though "oh we will get along great." She was so fun to photograph, always happy and smiling (unless I asked her to try not smiling, which usually resulted in laughing). At one point in the shoot her mom Sarah commented "Annie just has the best laugh, it is just so wonderful." And she is right. Thanks for choosing me to take your pictures and hang out with you for an afternoon. I had a great time! I hope you enjoy your preview!


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Hannah and Jared | Married Last month I got to photograph Jared and Hannah's incredible Labor Day weekend wedding. We seriously could not have asked for a more perfect setting. Jared and Hannah chose to have their ceremony in a field behind Hannah's parents' house. With perfect 75 degree weather and sunshine after days of rain, it was ideal. Even more beautiful than the weather? Jared and Hannah. They are young and in love and just excited to be together. Hannah was the most laid back bride and you could tell it's because she wasn't worried at all about the wedding...she just wanted the marriage. At one point in the day she started laughing at a text she got, which was Jared letting her know her ring was ready. As it turns out her ring was getting soldered together and they got delayed and wouldn't be ready in time. While this may have some people upset or rattled, Hannah took everything in stride. She just wanted to marry Jared. She was prepared to use her sister's rings as a stand-in, and even though she was of course excited about having her own rings back, that was just icing on the cake. She was going to have a great day no matter what because she had her priorities right. And what a great day it was!

I loved getting to photograph this sweet young couple! Hope your first month of marriage has been wonderful!

Loved getting to catch up with this couple! One of the very first weddings I ever photographed...and still so in love four years later!

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Brad and Lexie | Engaged 2016 A few weeks back I got to take Brad and Lexie's engagement pictures bright and early one beautiful Sunday morning. I love the "down time" in sessions, the time when you get to chat as you are walking between locations or waiting for the sun to go behind a cloud. :) And one thing I realized in the downtime of this session...these two are IN LOVE. I know you are probably thinking "aren't all people who are getting ENGAGEMENT pictures, in love?" And while yes, they are, with these two it was just so clear. Every little comment, every little nudge or laugh, these two just get each other. Brad clearly adores Lexie, literally smiling every time he glances her direction. And it seemed the feeling was very mutual. Couples like these make my job easy! :) 

Thanks for choosing me to take your photos, Brad and Lexie! I hope you enjoy your preview!

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Brooke | Senior 2017 You may notice the first picture on Brooke's preview isn't one of a high school senior (unless you think the 23 year old version of me looks like a which case I thank you)...but back to Brooke. The first picture is of Brooke and me at my bridal brunch the day before my wedding...almost SEVEN years ago. Seriously...that feels like yesterday. Yet somehow, it has been seven years, I have had two kids, and BROOKE IS A SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL?! What?! This sweet girl and her family are so special to me and my family. Her older brother is my brother Joe's best friend so our families have been connected for a long long time. I actually used to baby-sit Brooke! And now she is this kind, beautiful, smart girl getting ready to go off to college in a year. I have loved watching her grow up and am so glad she chose me to take her senior pictures! 

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McClaflin Family 2016 The McClaflin girls gifted their parents with a family photo session to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary! As you can see we had a big group, but it couldn't have gone smoother. So fun to meet you all...hope you had a wonderful weekend celebrating family! :) 

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Jessica | Senior Pictures A few weeks back on a very warm July evening I got together with Jessica and her mom for her senior session! I really enjoyed getting to know this sweet girl (and fellow Salthawk!) and have no doubt she will have a wonderful senior year. Thanks for letting me be a small part of it....I hope you enjoy your preview!


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#thejuarezadventure Kaylie and Juan celebrated their marriage with an wonderful ceremony and reception at the Wichita Boathouse on Saturday. They are young and in love and it was so obvious in all of the details of the day. It was a beautiful day, a beautiful ceremony, and a beautiful couple. Thanks for letting me document all the big and little moments on your wedding day! Enjoy your preview!


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Kurtz Family Preview | 2015 A couple weeks back I got to spend an a beautiful, albeit somewhat chilly, afternoon with the Kurtz family! We took our photos in an alley here in Newton. Despite the chill in the air, Max was always on the go, keeping us all warm as we ran around from location to location. I found myself quite envious of all of his energy! He loved smiling for the camera and Lizzy loved smiling at him, which made for some fun shots. 

I had a great time taking your all's pictures and had a hard time narrowing it down for this post. I hope you enjoy your preview! 

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Jacob | Senior 2016 A few weeks back I met Jacob and his mom at Dillon Nature Center for his senior pictures. We were greeted with some gorgeous trees and perfect weather (well, maybe a LITTLE windy). :) It was great getting to know Jacob and after spending just an hour and a half with him I can tell you this guy is  PROUD American. It was so neat to hear him talk of his pride for his country and the ideals it stands for. Some of my favorite pictures definitely ended up being the ones with the American flag. 

I hope you enjoy your preview! 

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Hannah | Senior 2016 A couple weekends back (on a surprisingly chilly day) I got to take Hannah's senior pictures. We took a lot of the pictures in the woods right behind her house then headed downtown. Along for the ride were her two sisters who made sure to make her smile REAL smiles and kept things really fun. I couldn't help but snap a few pictures of the three sisters, too. They were just so sweet together! I actually photographed her sister's  wedding a few years back, when I was just starting out. It was fun to look back at the sisters then and now! 

Thanks for choosing me to take your pictures, Hannah! I had a great time! I hope you enjoy your preview! :) 


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Jack | Senior 2016 A few weeks back I got to spend some time hanging out with Jack and his mom. We had a great time traipsing around Hutch snapping his senior pictures. Jack is such a nice guy who plans on heading off to the University of Kansas next year (Rock Chalk!) where he will join his sister, Ashton, and a multitude of cousins. His family are big Jayhawk fans and after spending lots of time in the town for sporting events I have no doubt he will settle right in as a student. I mean who wouldn't settle right in in one of the greatest towns in America. 

Thanks for choosing me to take your pictures, Jack! I hope you enjoy your preview!


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Brooks | 2016 Senior A couple weekends ago, on one of the best fall days we have had so far, I got to take Brooks' senior pictures. We took them all out on his family's property north of Hutch, which is gorgeous I'm sure, but was especially pretty on this fall Saturday! I had a great time spending the morning with Brooks, his mom, and their two sweet pups! 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures. Thanks for choosing me to take your pictures, Brooks! Hope you enjoy your preview!


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Madelyn Senior Preview
Thanks for choosing me to take your pictures, Madelyn. I hope you enjoy your preview!

Madelyn1 Madelyn2 Madelyn3 Madelyn4 Madelyn5 Madelyn6 Madelyn7 Madelyn8 Madelyn9 Madelyn10 Madelyn11 Madelyn12 Madelyn13
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Grace: Senior Preview My mom coach's Grace's tennis team and when I told her I was taking Grace's pictures she said "Oh you will have just the best time! She is adorable!" And, as always, my mom was right. :) She was just the sweetest and I had the best time hanging out with her and her mom.  She plans to attend the greatest university in the world (aka the University of Kansas aka the LITERAL World Champions of basketball right now) and I had a great time talking about college and sororities and all the fun things that lay ahead for her.

Thanks for choosing me to take your pictures, Grace! I hope you enjoy your preview!

Grace1 Grace2 Grace3 Grace4 Grace5 Grace6 Grace7 Grace8 Grace9 Grace10 Grace11 Grace12 Grace13
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Colton Senior Preview Melissa's pictures a couple years ago and still can't hardly believe she is in college (and a Theta...woot woot!) so you can imagine how unreal it seems to me that Colton is headed off to KU next year, too. Seriously, when did these little kids I used to see running around the Dunes pool suddenly grow up?!

Colton, I had a great time taking your pictures. I'm looking forward to catching a couple football games this year. Enjoy every last bit of your senior year!

Colton1 Colton2 Colton3 Colton4 Colton5 Colton6 Colton7
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Morgan Wedding

Morgan1 Morgan2 Morgan3 Morgan4 Morgan5 Morgan6 Morgan7 Morgan8 Morgan9 Morgan10
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The Bernard Wedding

And just for a fun, here is a couple pictures I had on my computer from when they were in high school and both on homecoming court. Kind of fun that he carried her into their wedding reception the same way he carried her out on to the stage to be introduced as a queen candidate just a few years before. :)

Congratulations, you guys! I could not be happier for you and feel honored that you chose me to document your day!!! It was perfect!

201618_996871694139_5286302_o 210117_996871908709_2443666_o Bernard1 Bernard2 Bernard3 Bernard4 Bernard5 Bernard6 Bernard7 Bernard8 Bernard9 Bernard10 Bernard11
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The Fee Wedding
Paige and Robby, your wedding day was absolutely beautiful and I wish you years and years of happiness as you start out on your exciting new journey!

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