Charlotte Photography: Blog en-us (C) Charlotte Photography (Charlotte Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:02:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:02:00 GMT Charlotte Photography: Blog 82 120 Hagan Wedding | October 2016 Last month I got to photograph the beautiful wedding of Alex and Madison. I'm going to keep this short and let the pictures do most of the talking since I'm sure they are excited to see their preview. But first let me tell you two things about this wedding: these people are FUN and IN LOVE! I know I mentioned it when I shared their engagement pictures on instagram, but these two are so in love with each other. And seeing them surrounded by all their friends and family who love them, too, was just too fun. Their reception was a blast and I legitimately didn't want to leave simply because I was having so much fun watching everyone else have fun! 

Hope the first month of marriage has treated you well! Enjoy your preview! :) 

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Heidi | Senior 2017 I'm excited to share another one of my October seniors on the blog today. Heidi and her entourage (photo below!) met up with me outside Smith's Market on a beautiful Saturday morning. Heidi has so much spunk and sass and I like to think her photos show that. She was constantly laughing at her sister and friend that came along which made for a really fun day of photos. Thanks for choosing me to take your pictures! I hope you enjoy your preview!

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Annie | Senior 2017 Last month I got to spend a Sunday afternoon taking sweet Annie's senior photos. As soon as she stepped out of the car with her bright red lipstick I though "oh we will get along great." She was so fun to photograph, always happy and smiling (unless I asked her to try not smiling, which usually resulted in laughing). At one point in the shoot her mom Sarah commented "Annie just has the best laugh, it is just so wonderful." And she is right. Thanks for choosing me to take your pictures and hang out with you for an afternoon. I had a great time! I hope you enjoy your preview!


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Hannah and Jared | Married Last month I got to photograph Jared and Hannah's incredible Labor Day weekend wedding. We seriously could not have asked for a more perfect setting. Jared and Hannah chose to have their ceremony in a field behind Hannah's parents' house. With perfect 75 degree weather and sunshine after days of rain, it was ideal. Even more beautiful than the weather? Jared and Hannah. They are young and in love and just excited to be together. Hannah was the most laid back bride and you could tell it's because she wasn't worried at all about the wedding...she just wanted the marriage. At one point in the day she started laughing at a text she got, which was Jared letting her know her ring was ready. As it turns out her ring was getting soldered together and they got delayed and wouldn't be ready in time. While this may have some people upset or rattled, Hannah took everything in stride. She just wanted to marry Jared. She was prepared to use her sister's rings as a stand-in, and even though she was of course excited about having her own rings back, that was just icing on the cake. She was going to have a great day no matter what because she had her priorities right. And what a great day it was!

I loved getting to photograph this sweet young couple! Hope your first month of marriage has been wonderful!

Loved getting to catch up with this couple! One of the very first weddings I ever photographed...and still so in love four years later!

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Brad and Lexie | Engaged 2016 A few weeks back I got to take Brad and Lexie's engagement pictures bright and early one beautiful Sunday morning. I love the "down time" in sessions, the time when you get to chat as you are walking between locations or waiting for the sun to go behind a cloud. :) And one thing I realized in the downtime of this session...these two are IN LOVE. I know you are probably thinking "aren't all people who are getting ENGAGEMENT pictures, in love?" And while yes, they are, with these two it was just so clear. Every little comment, every little nudge or laugh, these two just get each other. Brad clearly adores Lexie, literally smiling every time he glances her direction. And it seemed the feeling was very mutual. Couples like these make my job easy! :) 

Thanks for choosing me to take your photos, Brad and Lexie! I hope you enjoy your preview!

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Brooke | Senior 2017 You may notice the first picture on Brooke's preview isn't one of a high school senior (unless you think the 23 year old version of me looks like a which case I thank you)...but back to Brooke. The first picture is of Brooke and me at my bridal brunch the day before my wedding...almost SEVEN years ago. Seriously...that feels like yesterday. Yet somehow, it has been seven years, I have had two kids, and BROOKE IS A SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL?! What?! This sweet girl and her family are so special to me and my family. Her older brother is my brother Joe's best friend so our families have been connected for a long long time. I actually used to baby-sit Brooke! And now she is this kind, beautiful, smart girl getting ready to go off to college in a year. I have loved watching her grow up and am so glad she chose me to take her senior pictures! 

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McClaflin Family 2016 The McClaflin girls gifted their parents with a family photo session to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary! As you can see we had a big group, but it couldn't have gone smoother. So fun to meet you all...hope you had a wonderful weekend celebrating family! :) 

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Jessica | Senior Pictures A few weeks back on a very warm July evening I got together with Jessica and her mom for her senior session! I really enjoyed getting to know this sweet girl (and fellow Salthawk!) and have no doubt she will have a wonderful senior year. Thanks for letting me be a small part of it....I hope you enjoy your preview!


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#thejuarezadventure Kaylie and Juan celebrated their marriage with an wonderful ceremony and reception at the Wichita Boathouse on Saturday. They are young and in love and it was so obvious in all of the details of the day. It was a beautiful day, a beautiful ceremony, and a beautiful couple. Thanks for letting me document all the big and little moments on your wedding day! Enjoy your preview!


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Kurtz Family Preview | 2015 A couple weeks back I got to spend an a beautiful, albeit somewhat chilly, afternoon with the Kurtz family! We took our photos in an alley here in Newton. Despite the chill in the air, Max was always on the go, keeping us all warm as we ran around from location to location. I found myself quite envious of all of his energy! He loved smiling for the camera and Lizzy loved smiling at him, which made for some fun shots. 

I had a great time taking your all's pictures and had a hard time narrowing it down for this post. I hope you enjoy your preview! 

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Jacob | Senior 2016 A few weeks back I met Jacob and his mom at Dillon Nature Center for his senior pictures. We were greeted with some gorgeous trees and perfect weather (well, maybe a LITTLE windy). :) It was great getting to know Jacob and after spending just an hour and a half with him I can tell you this guy is  PROUD American. It was so neat to hear him talk of his pride for his country and the ideals it stands for. Some of my favorite pictures definitely ended up being the ones with the American flag. 

I hope you enjoy your preview! 

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Hannah | Senior 2016 A couple weekends back (on a surprisingly chilly day) I got to take Hannah's senior pictures. We took a lot of the pictures in the woods right behind her house then headed downtown. Along for the ride were her two sisters who made sure to make her smile REAL smiles and kept things really fun. I couldn't help but snap a few pictures of the three sisters, too. They were just so sweet together! I actually photographed her sister's  wedding a few years back, when I was just starting out. It was fun to look back at the sisters then and now! 

Thanks for choosing me to take your pictures, Hannah! I had a great time! I hope you enjoy your preview! :) 


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Jack | Senior 2016 A few weeks back I got to spend some time hanging out with Jack and his mom. We had a great time traipsing around Hutch snapping his senior pictures. Jack is such a nice guy who plans on heading off to the University of Kansas next year (Rock Chalk!) where he will join his sister, Ashton, and a multitude of cousins. His family are big Jayhawk fans and after spending lots of time in the town for sporting events I have no doubt he will settle right in as a student. I mean who wouldn't settle right in in one of the greatest towns in America. 

Thanks for choosing me to take your pictures, Jack! I hope you enjoy your preview!


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Brooks | 2016 Senior A couple weekends ago, on one of the best fall days we have had so far, I got to take Brooks' senior pictures. We took them all out on his family's property north of Hutch, which is gorgeous I'm sure, but was especially pretty on this fall Saturday! I had a great time spending the morning with Brooks, his mom, and their two sweet pups! 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures. Thanks for choosing me to take your pictures, Brooks! Hope you enjoy your preview!


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Madelyn Senior Preview
Thanks for choosing me to take your pictures, Madelyn. I hope you enjoy your preview!

Madelyn1 Madelyn2 Madelyn3 Madelyn4 Madelyn5 Madelyn6 Madelyn7 Madelyn8 Madelyn9 Madelyn10 Madelyn11 Madelyn12 Madelyn13
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Grace: Senior Preview My mom coach's Grace's tennis team and when I told her I was taking Grace's pictures she said "Oh you will have just the best time! She is adorable!" And, as always, my mom was right. :) She was just the sweetest and I had the best time hanging out with her and her mom.  She plans to attend the greatest university in the world (aka the University of Kansas aka the LITERAL World Champions of basketball right now) and I had a great time talking about college and sororities and all the fun things that lay ahead for her.

Thanks for choosing me to take your pictures, Grace! I hope you enjoy your preview!

Grace1 Grace2 Grace3 Grace4 Grace5 Grace6 Grace7 Grace8 Grace9 Grace10 Grace11 Grace12 Grace13
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Colton Senior Preview Melissa's pictures a couple years ago and still can't hardly believe she is in college (and a Theta...woot woot!) so you can imagine how unreal it seems to me that Colton is headed off to KU next year, too. Seriously, when did these little kids I used to see running around the Dunes pool suddenly grow up?!

Colton, I had a great time taking your pictures. I'm looking forward to catching a couple football games this year. Enjoy every last bit of your senior year!

Colton1 Colton2 Colton3 Colton4 Colton5 Colton6 Colton7
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Morgan Wedding

Morgan1 Morgan2 Morgan3 Morgan4 Morgan5 Morgan6 Morgan7 Morgan8 Morgan9 Morgan10
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The Bernard Wedding

And just for a fun, here is a couple pictures I had on my computer from when they were in high school and both on homecoming court. Kind of fun that he carried her into their wedding reception the same way he carried her out on to the stage to be introduced as a queen candidate just a few years before. :)

Congratulations, you guys! I could not be happier for you and feel honored that you chose me to document your day!!! It was perfect!

201618_996871694139_5286302_o 210117_996871908709_2443666_o Bernard1 Bernard2 Bernard3 Bernard4 Bernard5 Bernard6 Bernard7 Bernard8 Bernard9 Bernard10 Bernard11
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The Fee Wedding
Paige and Robby, your wedding day was absolutely beautiful and I wish you years and years of happiness as you start out on your exciting new journey!

Fee1 Fee2 Fee3 Fee4 Fee5 Fee6 Fee7 Fee8 Fee9 ]]> Tue, 23 Jun 2015 20:32:00 GMT
The Stiles Wedding Preview
Emily and Jordan, you all had an absolutely beautiful day and I was so happy to be a part of it. The love between the two of you and for your family had me tearing up many times throughout the day. Hope your first month of marriage has been everything you hoped for and more...enjoy your preview!

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Robby and Paige - Engagement Preview Right before Christmas, on one of the coldest, wettest days of the year, we squeezed in an engagement session for Robby and Paige. Luckily these high school sweethearts were adorable and totally rolled with the weather punches. Hope you guys enjoy your preview, can't wait to photograph your wedding in June! :)

Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash;
Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash;
Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash;

Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash;

Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash; Charlotte Photography: Fee Engagement Preview &emdash;
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Josh - Senior Preview

I actually showed Josh part of his preview a few weeks ago when he was up for homecoming king and needed a few photos, so not all of this is new to them. Since then though I edited a few more to round out the rest of the preview.  Thanks again for picking me to take your senior pictures. Hope you enjoy the rest of your preview, Josh!

]]> Sun, 09 Nov 2014 18:04:00 GMT
Kelli - Senior Preview
Kelli, I had a great time taking your pictures and wish you the best of luck next year at K-State!!! Hope you enjoy your preview!

]]> Fri, 07 Nov 2014 18:10:00 GMT
Jordan - Senior Preview

]]> Tue, 28 Oct 2014 19:09:00 GMT
Ryan and Kelsey ~ Wedding
Ryan and Kelsey, it was a JOY being a part of your day. I loved being witness to all the love you guys share not only for each other, but for all of the family and friends who celebrated with you, and most importantly your focus on your love for Christ. It was a truly wonderful wedding! Enjoy your preview!

These two have some great role models to look up to when it comes to marriage. 

Congrats again, Kelsey and Ryan! I couldn't be happier for you! 
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Jenna - Senior Preview So I have been slowly but surely working on this post for over a week! I was literally hoping to have it up last Monday, and then life got in the way. the fact that I could not for the life of me narrow down pictures for her preview! I wanted to post everything! I took Jenna's brother's photos a few years ago. Tanner is one of Joe Henry's best friends and so we have gotten very close to the Higgins family. How Joe and Tanner are out of high school baffles me...but now Jenna, too?! I had such a great time chatting with her and her mom during her senior session. She is off to K-State next year where I know she will thrive...because she is wonderful like that. Thanks for picking me to take your photos, Jenna! Hope you enjoy your preview!

]]> Tue, 12 Aug 2014 18:23:00 GMT
Ann and Alan ~ Engagement You may remember Ann and Alan from an earlier post where I documented their actual engagement out at Alan's grandparents' farm. Since I went in to a lot of details on that post about their "how we met" story, I'm not going to go over it all again. But I will say, I helped set them up...and I still brag about "hand picking" my sister-in-law all the time. :)

We met bright and early last weekend in KC for an engagement session. Initially I wanted to meet on the Plaza at 7:30 for lighting purposes. Well, as it turned out it was really overcast so that didn't matter so much, BUT it really still worked out in our favor because the Plaza was so deserted, which allowed for some neat shots! We also ventured over to the Nelson-Atkins museum, Kauffman Gardens, and Loose Park. So many pretty locations!

Enjoy your preview, guys! It may be my biggest engagement preview yet! Can't wait for the November wedding. Jane is already working on her flower girl skills. :)


 The dip in this next picture became a you will see. They dipped everywhere! :)  

 These next two were Alan's ideas...he had a lot of ideas. They were all goofy. :)  

 Swings....Alan's idea. :)

 At this point we were going on three hours and all of the picture taking was making some people a little nutty...can you tell who I'm talking about?

 Annnddd that is all. Less than six months before wedding pictures will be up on the blog (if I have time to take any...since all three of us are in the wedding I'm thinking a few iPhone pictures may be all I get that day). :)
]]> Fri, 13 Jun 2014 20:18:00 GMT
Alex and Bret! Yesterday I got to spend the day celebrating one of my favorite couples! Luckily (for me!) Alex's photographer didn't start until later in the day so I got to spend the morning with the girls while they got ready. Seriously, these girls were so much fun. I just want to hang out with them all the time. They just laughed and laughed and laughed. Which means a lot of the photos I took are of that awkward laugh know what I'm talking about right? But I love that, because it just shows how much fun these girls were having as they told stories.

Alex and I and a couple other girlfriends had a pretty fun  happy hour crew back when we all still lived in KC. It was truly just the MOST fun group, and I looked forward to our regular happy hours more than you can possibly imagine. Always lots of laughter, lots of drinks, and sometimes pieces of cake the size of our faces!!! ;) We love laughing about the happy hour where we stayed so long at Kona, that we were still there for reverse happy hour at 10. So, of course, we ordered more drinks, more sushi rolls, and a HUGE piece of cake. Things may have gotten a little fuzzy, phones may have been lost...whatever. At the next happy hour meeting (after we vowed to be a little more tame), we were talking about that yummy cake and Molly said, "Wait....we had cake?" Ummmm...yes. And Molly had gone after that cake like it was her job. Love love love those memories and those girls.

As for yesterday....I loved celebrating Alex and her HUSBAND, Bret. It was truly one of the most beautiful weddings I've been, too. It took place outside on a golf course and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Add to that an insanely fun and in love couple, an open bar, delicious food, and really amazing guests? You pretty much have the perfect recipe for the perfect wedding. Such a great night! In fact, the entire night I meant to run to my car and grab my camera and take a few pictures of the reception so this blog post wasn't all about the morning...but there was too much fun being had, and too many great people to talk to. Oops! Oh well...enjoy the pictures of the girls getting ready! :)

Look at this beautiful, excited, joy-filled maid of honor. This was a day SHE had been dreaming of for a long time, too. Nothing quite like watching your best friend get married. :)

This was the part of the day where things started getting real. And Alex started getting a little giddy. I know I posted a lot of close ups of the bride...but she was just GLOWING. I couldn't narrow it down. :)

The bridesmaids all went in together to give Alex a BEAUTIFUL Kate Spade bracelet. So fun!

I love this next picture. Alex's mom was kind of hanging back while she was getting her dress on, trying to hold off getting a real look until she was completely in the dress. But the girls parted, and she got a glance before she was ready...and immediately started tearing up. Truly one of my favorite moments of the day.

The boys were over on the other side of the clubhouse waiting for the girls to finish getting ready. In this picture you can see Alex's dad patiently waiting to see his beautiful daughter.

I had full intentions of running out to the car during the reception and bringing my nice camera in, but the reception was just too great to leave for even a couple of minutes! But I did snap a few photos on my phone. Sorry they are is hard to get a great picture when you are laughing, drinking wine, and dancing...simultaneously.

Please try and ignore the fact that my "eye brightening" concealer is practically reflective in this photo. Yowzers.

]]> Sun, 27 Apr 2014 19:53:00 GMT
Snow Day! Yesterday while I was in Wichita for a shower we decided to take a few pictures of Betsy and Matt in the snow. So far they have a picture from every season in their backyard and we almost missed our opportunity for a "winter" scene. Luckily, Mother Nature is crazy and we got some snow in March! :) I had Jane with me and initially we were nervous about what we would do with her while we were out in the cold snapping photos, but it turns out, Jane LOVED the snow. I see lots of snow forts in this baby's future. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from yesterday! :)

We bundled up Jane, and left her in the garage (with the door open of course) so that she was safe from the wind. When we were out in the yard I would hear her squeak and think "oh no, she is getting ready to lose it." but every time I would run back to check on her she was just sitting there giggling. Love this happy, happy baby girl!!!

I think she could have sat in the snow all day. The cold wind didn't bother her one bit! :)

]]> Tue, 04 Mar 2014 10:20:00 GMT
Marcus and Lynae - Wedding! Yesterday I had the privilege of photographing Marcus and Lynae's wedding. I took their engagement photos last fall and got to know this sweet couple a little better. I love weddings because of all of the love shared on those special days and yesterday was no exception. These two have the nicest, sweetest families and you can tell they are so loved by SO many. I had a great time watching Lynae with her siblings (you know me...always a sucker for a tight-knit sibling set!), tearing up during the family prayer portion of the ceremony, and listening to Marcus compliment Lynae OVER and OVER to everyone....all day. He is definitely a man in love.

Thanks for letting me a part of your special day....hope you all enjoy your preview!

All three of Lynae's sisters getting ready together. :)

I love watching parents on their kids' wedding days. I teared up multiple times yesterday thinking about Jane's wedding day someday. :) 

Marcus and his older brother. :) 

Lynae and her youngest sister, Lucy.

The mother of the bride and mother of the groom right after the ceremony. :)

Watching their slideshow from the back of the reception hall. 

Congrats again, Marcus and Lynae!
]]> Sun, 05 Jan 2014 11:30:00 GMT
Emme - One Year! So a few days ago I blogged about my brother-in-law Alan getting engaged. Well, originally on that fateful day I was supposed to take Mary and Tony's daughter, Emme's, birthday pictures. With the snow, the engagement, all of that, it got rescheduled. Earlier this week we were able to find a day that worked and squeeze in some pictures. Let me tell you, I can't wait for Jane to walk and move and all of that...but babies that move are exhausting! And hard to photograph! I have so many pictures of Emme scooting away from me! Haha! But overall I thought they turned out great. Plus, it was fun to get to hang out with my friend Mary (who so nicely held my own baby while I took pictures!). As you can see Emme is a BEAUTIFUL little girl, making my job really easy. :)

Hope you guys enjoy your preview! 

Mary called these next one's "Emme in her natural habitat"...I have a quite a few outtakes of Emme trying to eat the dog's toys or her back scooting away from me as fast as possible.


Couldn't decide whether to post the color or b/w version of this next you get to see both!

As we were taking this picture I heard Mary go "Wow, are flexible!" Then I snapped the next picture :) 

Midway through the session Emme reallllyyy started working it for the camera!

I know you can see my foot, and Emme is blurry from moving so fast...but I had to post this. If you know Mary...then this picture would definitely tell you that Emme is HER daughter. She reminds me so much of her momma in this pic! 

]]> Sun, 05 Jan 2014 10:43:00 GMT
Alan & Ann - Engagement! Last week I got to photograph one of my favorite events to date...a live engagement! And not just ANY brother-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law's engagement!!! And let the record show, I also helped introduce these two! I am officially counting it as my second successful match up resulting in a wedding! I'll start back at the beginning then get to the pictures!

Almost exactly two years ago, Rob and I took a trip to Colorado with our friends Mary and Tony. While we were playing cards one night we had the wonderful idea to set up Mary's younger sister with Alan! We made some calls, sent some texts, but it wasn't really the right time for either of them. Fast forward about eight months, and Alan is now living with Robby and me. One afternoon I brought up how I had heard Ann was going to back over Labor Day weekend and that Alan should call and ask her out. Alan was kind of hesitant, so Robby took his phone, dialed Ann's number, waited two rings, and then threw the phone at him.

And Alan asked her out.

The went on their first date a couple days later and Alan came home and his exact words were "She was really cute. And funny. We actually had a really good time."

Gee, Alan....did you think I was setting you up with somebody who wasn't cute and funny and wonderful? :)

About a month later it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that these two would get married. At least for Robby and I (and Mary and Tony). It was just a matter of WHEN. Well, we figured out the when last weekend.

Alan called Robby (and then called me a few minutes later since I wasn't with Rob) on December 1st and said he had asked Ann's dad to marry her. He didn't know when it would happen, didn't have a ring, didn't really have a plan....but he had taken the first step! A few weeks later Ruthie, Ann (Rob's mom...not Conklin...:)), Alan, and me went and found a ring after taking a peek at some of Ann's pinterest boards.

Alan then told us his plan for the proposal. He was going to take Ann to his grandparents' farm in Hutch, where they went on a few of their first dates (Robby used to take me there, too....those Ramseyer boys sure know how to work it with the ladies.:)). He wanted to propose outside and incorporate a bottle of Ramseyer wine that they had recently been given (there is a Ramseyer Winery that Rob orders a couple boxes of wine from each year). When he first came up with this plan he had no idea it would be snowing. It was absolutely gorgeous. I'm so honored Al asked me to take the pictures. I absolutely love how they turned out and am so glad they will always have these as a reminder of such a wonderful moment!

Congrats Ann and Alan! We can't wait for the wedding!

The set-up.

They finally arrived. My heart was racing so I can't imagine how they felt!

Ann reading her note...look close and you can see that Alan has retrieved the ring from his pocket.

I think she said yes. :)

Hi guys!

The ring!

After the proposal they took a few minutes to just enjoy each other...and a glass of wine.

Cheers to a matchmaking success! :)

Back to the Conklins' for Ann's birthday dinner...and engagement celebration!

Kathy looks very happy about getting to plan one last wedding! :)

Ann's family was so excited she didn't even have time to take her coat off!

Making some phone calls!

Ruthie and Ryan couldn't be there...thank goodness for facetime! 

I wish I would have taken more pictures after the Ramseyers all showed up, but they brought my baby and I got distracted. :) 

What a wonderful day it was! Can't wait for November 29th! Welcome to the family, Ann! :) 
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Meredith Family Mary Charlotte's senior pictures. While I see MC, Mimi, and Greg pretty regularly, it was SO great to get to see the boys! Both Will and Patrick (we call him Pete....but apparently nobody else does anymore, so I'm sure his girlfriend was thoroughly confused when I kept calling him Pete:)), anyways, both Will and Pete are back in Arizona but were in  Kansas for the holidays.I'm so glad they were able to spend the holiday in Hutch with their fam!

As I mentioned in my previous post, this family is so, SO special to me and I am so glad they asked me to take their pictures!!! It was a little chilly, so it was an awesome, quick session. Even with it being pretty quick, I told them I'm going to have a million outtakes of them trying to get their dog to face the camera (for some reason Sage only wanted me to photograph her hindquarters). Since I only had a little bit of editing time available, I stuck to the regulars...but don't worry guys, I will include the outtakes on your disc! :) Here is a little sneak peek at some of your pictures!








The picture below is a perfect depiction of Sage's favorite pose. :)

But once I got in for the close up, Sage was all about it. 





]]> Tue, 03 Dec 2013 18:22:00 GMT
Madi - Senior Pictures









Madi Senior


Madi Senior2

















We decided to snap a few pictures with Madi and her "entourage." Loved these of her and her mom!
Madi Senior3

Anybody who knows me knows I love a good sibling relationship. How cute are these two?!




]]> Thu, 21 Nov 2013 18:47:00 GMT
Mary Charlotte - Senior Pictures
It is funny because before I left town to take these pictures Rob asked when I would be back because we had our small group that night. I said, "Oh, probably 5:30, definitely no later than 6." Robby looked at me very seriously and said, "Really...because you say that but then you usually end up eating dinner at the Merediths' and coming home later than planned." I laughed and said "True...but today I'm hanging out with the Merediths' when I take their pictures! So I really will be home at 6!" :)

It was so fun getting to hang out with MC and Mimi as we took these pictures. Their family is so special to me (and my family!) and I was honored to get to take her senior pictures. Hope you like your preview, MC!

We started off taking a few pictures on her front porch, which is fun because later we went and took pictures on the dirt driveway of their house before they left Hutch, too! 




I'm pretty sure the next picture was taken after Mimi told MC to strike a pose. Looking good, MC! :)























This next picture was taken in the driveway of the Meredith's old country home. :) IMG_1188






























]]> Sun, 10 Nov 2013 19:01:00 GMT
Harper Ann
A few more pumpkin patch pictures of Harper that I didn't post before.





And now a few taken back at the house. 



This next one was just a sweet accident. Ruthie was trying to get Harper to sit in the grass and I was just randomly clicking while I changed my settings since we changed directions. It isn't totally in focus, but considering I wasn't even looking through the view finder when I shot it, I'm ok with that...I still think it is pretty adorable. :) IMG_0934

IMG_0936 (2)







In an attempt to get Harper to smile more, Ruthie started tossing her up in the air. And that is when we got all these cute pictures. :) 



And my favorites from the whole "session" were these last couple ones I snapped after Ruthie said, "Ok, I think we got at least one that will work." Little did we know the best ones were yet to be taken! :)


]]> Tue, 22 Oct 2013 20:36:00 GMT
The Pumpkin Patch
In other news, I actually have two posts written (just waiting on pictures) that I wrote at one month and two months about Jane, but I need to go through all the pictures on my phone and pick some out for each post and each time I think about doing that part, I get overwhelmed and think "I'll do it tomorrow." But really...I'm going to do it this week. :) Since all of these pictures were on my camera, they were much easier to upload, plus I'm still riding the high of the pumpkin patch and wanted to get these up! :) Enjoy!


Our sweet, happy niece Harper! Those baby blues are so fun to photograph! I'll be posting some more pictures of Harper later this week! :)








These sweet cousins have lots of matching outfits in their future!




How tall this Fall? Not very. Obviously. :)



Jane's first pumpkin! She I was very specific about picking out one with a great stem! :)


Harper LOVED the pumpkins!



Aunt Ruthie and Harper with her choice! :)




After a great trip to the pumpkin patch I couldn't help but be all smiles as we hauled out our pumpkins and our sweet, sleepy Jane. Life is good. 


Look for (back dated) posts coming soon! :) 

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Laura - Senior Pictures
Laura, I had a great time taking your senior pictures. Hope you like your preview! :)






Doesn't Laura's hair look awesome? Special shout out to Mary Charlotte for curling it that day...MC's senior pictures will be up on the blog next! :) 









Laura Collage3


Laura Collage1 IMG_0462



Laura Collage2


After taking some pictures downtown we headed out to Sand Hills State Park. As soon as we pulled up this little pup decided he wanted to be our friend. Laura tossed a little stick for him to fetch in an attempt to get him out of the pictures and instead he very quickly brought back this HUGE stick! Haha! Eventually Anne was able to distract the dog enough that it lost interest in us and we carried on. 

I had never shot out at Sand Hills before and I loved the setting. It was an absolutely perfect evening for pictures. We ended up getting some of my favorite shots out there. :)
























Laura Collage4



]]> Fri, 18 Oct 2013 19:30:00 GMT
Marcus and Lynae - Engagement

































]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2013 12:39:00 GMT
Ashton - Senior Pictures
Anyways, on to the preview! I had a great time taking your pictures, Ashton...enjoy your preview and good luck with homecoming this week! :)




Ashton Senior 5



Ashton Senior 2




Ashton Senior 8


Ashton Senior 4

Ashton Senior 3






Ashton Senior 6

IMG_9510 IMG_9359



Ashton Senior 1

Ashton Senior 7





]]> Mon, 23 Sep 2013 18:34:00 GMT
Sprinkle Family - Anniversary Photos

















IMG_8951 ]]> Thu, 19 Sep 2013 17:52:00 GMT
Melissa: Senior Pictures
Melissa...thanks for choosing me to take your senior made my job easy! :) Hope you enjoy your preview!



melissa5 IMG_8200 IMG_8202 IMG_8214 IMG_8217


IMG_8268 IMG_8276

Melissa9 IMG_8281 melissa10 IMG_8356 Melissa4 IMG_8390 melissa11 IMG_8483 IMG_8486 Melissa13 IMG_8533 IMG_8541 IMG_8581 IMG_8613 Melissa 14 IMG_8634-2 IMG_8670 IMG_8674 IMG_8676 IMG_8683 Melissa14 IMG_8730 IMG_8735 IMG_8737 IMG_8744 IMG_8756-2 IMG_8785 IMG_8793 IMG_8797
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Ian and Jessica: Wedding engagement photos last fall. As I said in that post, Ian and I have been friends for as long as I can remember and I was so honored to get to be a part of their big day a few weeks ago. An extra fun part of the day was that my dad married them! It was hard not to get distracted listening to my dad's message...but don't worry...I got lots of pictures of the ceremony! :)

Hope you guys enjoy your preview!











I love that they did their first meet on the front porch of their cute.


























Ian was as excited as any groom I've seen post wedding ceremony. I loved watching him walk down the aisle fist bumping and shaking hands with everybody. He was SO happy!







These boys were having a blast all day long...this picture just captures a little bit of that.

















Had to throw in a cute picture of my parents. :)

Todd even grabbed a picture of my family at the wedding! We missed the rest of the Dower clan who couldn't make it!

Coach Clark came and called square dancing! Since both the bride and groom are HHS grads and square dancing is a long standing HHS tradition it was so fun to have it included. I loved how many people squared up to give it a go...although there was some confusion among the square dancing newbies. :)



Sometimes when you get off a couple counts in the square it is just easy to pick your partner completely up off the ground to "swing her."

Todd and Susie are great dancers....and showed their stuff off on the dance floor all night!


Thanks again for letting me document your day! Can't wait to show you the rest!

]]> Wed, 07 Aug 2013 13:11:00 GMT
Tony and Krissy - Wedding Photos
You may remember Krissy and Tony from their engagement session last fall. These two are one of those rare high school sweetheart couples that makes it...isn't that awesome. I mean, who doesn't love a good high school sweetheart story! I had so much fun taking your pictures, guys....enjoy your preview!





















































Thanks for letting me document your day, guys!]]> Fri, 26 Jul 2013 15:13:00 GMT
Mr. and Mrs. Jaderston engaged we knew we wouldn't have long to plan...if we planned at all. :)

Betsy and Matt got engaged in January and I thought they would be married within weeks. But then things changed. They started discussing dates. Some were close, some were further away. Some involved a larger family affair...others involved just them. There were a few months there where I can honestly say nobody knew what was going on. And for the most part, we were totally ok with that. In fact, all my mom asked was that they try and avoid May...between it being the last month of school for me, finals for Ted, graduation for Joe, and so much more....May was packed. So when do you think Betsy decided to get married? May, of course. :)

On April 30th we got a text on the family thread that said "the announcement of a wedding date is imminent.....stay tuned!" This set off a flurry of speculation. The next day, we found out the day would be the following Wednesday....May my parents' 8ish. Robby put it best when he said "This is the most Dower event I've ever been, too....I mean....the wedding is at '8ish' for pete's sake!" Haha...and we loved it. Us Dowers are really good at flying by the seat of our pants, but even for us a week to plan a wedding was pretty crazy! But it was awesome. Because I knew my sister was getting the exact wedding she wanted.

Over the next week, Betsy went and bought a dress off the rack, my mom set up appointments with a florist and cake lady, and the rest of us just helped out where we could. And let me tell was amazing.

It was amazing for a lot of reasons. It was amazing because it was in my parents' home. There was something so, so special about that. It was amazing because it was exactly what I wanted and pictured for my sister (and then some!). It was amazing because of the way Bets and Matt love each other....if you haven't read Matt's blog about my sister then you are missing out. Love the way he loves her. It was amazing because the whole day was just so special. I got to spend the day hanging out with my favorite people, watching my sister marry her favorite person...I just loved it.

At the end of the day my sister told my parents that it was her dream wedding day. Just like my parents spent 10 months planning my dream wedding, they spent 7 days planning Betsy's....and we both got exactly what we wanted. Without further are a few pictures from Betsy and Matt's wedding day!

First up, let me say, photographing your sister's wedding is HARD! I would get so distracted just chatting, hanging out, and taking in the day that I would forgot to take pictures! But between me and her new sister-in-law, Kelsey, I think we got the day covered. :)

Savannah came over and did Betsy's hair that afternoon. Savs always does her own updo's for dances, and Betsy always loves them! This was the first time she had done somebody else's though (and why not start with somebody's wedding day...go big or go home, right?). Anyways, while Savannah may have been nervous, Betsy never was....and her hair turned out beautiful!!!

We joked that this was Betsy's beauty team....Savannah did her hair, I helped with make-up, and Kelsey kept her company while she had her nails done! :)

Love this picture...I have a very similar one of me and my mom on my wedding day. :)


Even though they weren't there, she was thinking of all of her wonderful Theta friends when she pinned this inside her dress. :)

 How beautiful is 19th Avenue? Who knew the perfect picture spot was right outside my parents' front door? :)





Her beautiful bouquet. She must have said 100 times that day "did you get a picture of my flowers? It is the prettiest bouquet I have ever seen!" She included stalks of wheat in memory of my Poppy, a small town Kansas farmer (he was an incredible small town doctor, too....he was just all around incredible). She also asked the florist to include some peach roses...Poppy (and now many family members) call her Peach. It is just her name....and I loved that she incorporated that into her wedding bouquet. :)

I love her little bare feet. She bought a pair of shoes for the wedding day, then returned them after deciding to wear a pair she already has. Thing is...she never got around to putting them on. After her wedding day she kept saying "I didn't mean to get married bare foot....I'm not that hippy-ish...I just never put my shoes on!"
IMG_4413 (2)






This beautiful cake topper is the same cake topper that was on my grandparents' wedding cake, my parents' wedding cake, my wedding cake, and now Bets and Matt's wedding cake. Love this little family tradition. :)


IMG_4509 The new Jaderston family!

The new Dower family! :)

And, of course, with Savannah. :)

Love my siblings so much!

They truly are my best friends....blessed am I.



The ceremony was in my parents' living room...and beautiful! The yellow walls gave everything a warm all my pictures look really yellow. :) Oh, well!

This gives you an idea of the room in color...I color corrected the yellow-ness a little bit...but you can still feel how warm and beautiful it was. Also, we had the porch doors open and it started raining later. It was just all too perfect.




This kiss!


Love how my dad is smiling at my mom in this picture (even though you can't see my mom...she was sitting right there). I'm thinking their smiles are saying "another daughter married to another wonderful man!" :) IMG_4697


Listening to some speeches... IMG_4770


Love this picture of Matt and his grandpa! IMG_4815

Betsy tossing the bouquet! IMG_4838
Yay, Savannah!



Bets with all of her brothers and fun! IMG_4853

 And a couple pictures I took on my iPhone. Here they are signing the marriage license with my dad. :) image


 I laugh at this because we also have a picture of my dad at my wedding, holding Betsy's bouquet. We should frame them side by side. :)

 Joe and Savs with her bouquet!

 I was in the kitchen picking up after all the festivities were over and heard some laughing/commotion coming out of the foyer. This is what I saw when I went out to see what was going on...Betsy and Ted having a hand stand contest...because, why not? :)



As her and Ted laid on the ground after their contest, Betsy said it was her dream wedding day. And I would have to agree...the day was absolutely perfect. So happy for my sister and new brother-in-law! Love you both so much!

I have about three other posts in the be on the lookout over the next week! :)]]> Thu, 18 Jul 2013 13:56:00 GMT
Joe - Senior Pictures...finally :)
Most everyone who reads this blog (all ten or so of you :)) know Joe Henry personally. I don't have to sit here and tell you how wonderful he is because YOU KNOW. But I'm going to anyways. Because I can. Because I'm his big sister and it is my job to love him, spoil him, brag about him, and yes...put him in his place whenever necessary. I was not quite nine years old when Joe Henry was born. I still remember being at gymnastics class when my mom's friend came to pick us up and told me I had a new baby brother! My folks never found out genders with any of I can remember being so excited and trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I now had TWO baby brothers. Then, when we got to go up to the hospital that night to meet was like suddenly I couldn't remember life BEFORE two baby brothers. Betsy and I were meant to be big sisters to these little boys....the four of us were meant to be siblings and ultimately, best friends. My mom always tells people she wanted six kids and my dad wanted two so they compromised at four. While I think that is fun (and maybe there is a tiny bit of truth to it) I think the real reason they stopped at four was because we were complete. And we all knew it. Joe Henry was our final little puzzle piece. Even now....18.5 years later, you will find hardly any pictures of the family around the house that were taken in the years between Ted and Joe. There are pictures of just the girls, pictures of just the boys, pictures of just my folks....but I don't think we have a single picture framed in the house of Mom, Dad, myself, Betsy, and Ted. Because that would be just wrong. Why hang an incomplete family picture?

Anyways, I digress. Back to Joe. As you have seen on the blog over the year, he had a great senior year. From homecoming, to football, basketball, and ultimately prom...he had a wonderful year with wonderful friends and I couldn't be more proud. Joe Henry...I'm so sorry it took me so long to put these pictures up. I know whenever I posted your friends pictures you would joke about me skipping yours, but I just couldn't do it. I didn't know how to write about how proud I am of you. I didn't think I could put into words how I can't get over how nice you are to everyone (except when we are talking while you are trying to watch a movie....not so nice then) you are so smart and when you put your mind to something you go above and beyond (still can't wait to see the baby's toy chest!).  You are so much more responsibly minded than I was at your think about the future all the time. You don't get caught up in the dramas/highs/lows most kids your age do, you stay above it I wish I had that kind of foresight when I was 18. I am so proud of the man you have become and are still becoming every day. For years I described you to people as my little buddy. The little boy who would tag along to my friends' pool parties, homecoming skit practices, prom decorating, and basically any event you wanted to because "you asked mom and she said I had to take you." While there may have been times I fought it, I look back and am so glad you were along for the ride with me. :)

I am so excited for my baby to meet his or her Uncle Joe. You will be such a great role model and friend to this baby and I just know you will be one of the greatest uncles ever! I love you so, SO much, Jujubee! You are not only my littlest brother, but one of my best friends. Sorry it took so long to put your pictures up...but better late than never, right?!






IMG_6172 (2)


































Goofy brother. :)